Offline Cycle Routes

A complete map of each country's national cycle network available for offline use. The towns, villages and cities on all routes are also included so now you can follow your route whatever the signal strength.

The app includes maps of all of the numbered national cycle routes as well as street maps for all of the towns, cities and villages that the routes pass through so you'll never be lost. The maps also include all of the pubs and bike shops near the routes so you can always find somewhere to eat or get that spare part!

  • Offline

    The apps are entirely offline and do not need a signal or a data connection to use

  • Pubs

    Sometimes you need to reward yourself after a long day of cycling, the apps include thousands of pubs near to cycle routes

  • Cafes

    What would a cycle be without some coffee and cake to keep your energy levels up?

  • Train Stations

    Find that nearby train station to get you home from your destination in a hurry

  • Bike Shops

    Tubes puncture, chains snap, and worse! The apps include all nearby bike shops just in case the worse should happen

  • 6 Countries

    Each app contains the entire country's maps, only pay for the countries you'll visit


Offline Cycle Routes UK

Offline Cycle Routes UK lets you view all of the national cycle network paths in the UK, even when you have no signal! From Aberdeen to Southend-on-Sea, from Cardiff to Norwich. With over 2000 bike shops, 16000 cafes and 24000 pubs, the offline cycle routes UK app has you covered!

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Customer Reviews of Offline Cycle Routes UK:

Great App.
by 911Tommo - Feb 27, 2015
"I've found this to be a very good app. It shows all the routes in my area and all the places to call for a coffee or beer"

by Riweb1978@ - Sep 30, 2014
"So it's not Google maps but I tell you what, it's got me out of trouble many times as my main cycle route has hardly any signal on it. The accuracy is superb. Maybe incorporate a route planner for those who have good signal."

Just what we needed
by Pople web design - Jan 20, 2014
"Used this to cycle part of a route (aprox 30km). Very helpful to be able to check when you can't see the route signs anymore (ie to get you back on the route). As per the pics the only thing that is shown is the route and the surrounding roads (and pubs), this makes sense since the maps are offline so I can go into the country without worrying about 3G data connection (I was able to turn off cellular data to save battery). This was just what we were after. Bargain!"

Safe routes and beer
by shoreditch - Nov 25, 2013
"There is nowt to dislike. Download this App and it will show a map with two essential things you need: 1. Cycle routes with your location and the nearest pubs 2. Other pubs along other cycle routes"


Offline Cycle Routes France

Perfect for a cycling trip through France, the Offline Cycle Routes France app lets you view all of the national cycle network paths in France, without needing any signal or using any data. It includes all of the Veloroutes, the Avenue Vert and many many more. From Amiens to Villeurbanne, from Bordeaux to Montpellier, we've got you covered.

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Customer Reviews of Offline Cycle Routes France:

by Kenkerkutiv - Aug 22, 2015
"What a wonderfull help to travel across europe."

by Ayejay_nz - Jun 2, 2015
"This app has been my primary map for cycling the Loire. I have ridden 150km so far and it's been great."

Avenue Verte
by Simoon D - Aug 24, 2015
"Used this alongside the London to Paris guide. Was perfect when we maybe missed turns or signage wasn't as well detailed in parts. Free to use GPS with and would not have made such good time without it. Fantastic App!"


Offline Cycle Routes Netherlands

Cycle through the spiritual home of cycling! Offline Cycle Routes Netherlands lets you view all of the national routes (Landelijke Fietsroutes - LF) and the regional routes (Regionale Fietsroutes / Fietsknooppuntennetwerk) in the Netherlands, even when you have no signal! From Amsterdam to Zwolle, from Delft to Haarlem, the offline cycle routes Netherlands app has all the routes, Cafes, pubs and bike shops you might ever need!

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Customer Reviews of Offline Cycle Routes Netherlands:

Brompton Tour
by Bromptoneer Paul - Jan 28, 2015
"Use this app on my iPad to plan and undertake a tour of South Holland on my Brompton. App excellent for planning routes and checking location when stopped for cake. Replaced my paper maps. I will be taking this updated version an a slightly long tour back to Holland next summer."

by Ernie Munro - Sep 4, 2015
"Excellent and use all the time on our cycling holidays in Holland.Has saved me taking the wrong route many times.There are many apps to use but this is the one I use all the time as it easily shows you where you are and which direction to go."


Offline Cycle Routes Germany

For that cycle along the Rhine or further afield, Offline Cycle Routes Germany lets you view all of the national cycle network paths in the Germany, even when you have no signal or do not have a data connection. As with all of the apps the maps are built in to the app, so whether you are cycling to Hamburg or Würzburg, give the app a go.

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Customer Reviews of Offline Cycle Routes Germany:

Très utiles mais ...
by Lescrapstrotteurs - Jul 19, 2015
"Super pratique mais il faudrait plus d'informations Comme la présence de campings, de points d'eau potable, les distances... Sinon très bien."


Offline Cycle Routes Belgium

Planning a trip to Brussels, Bruges, or anywhere else in Belgium? The Offline Cycle Routes Belgium lets you view all of the national cycle network paths without having to use your smartphone's data connection.

Download Offline Cycle Routes Belgium from the App Store

Offline Cycle Routes Denmark

Offline National Cycle Routes Denmark lets you view all of the national cycle network paths in Denmark, even when you have no signal! Whether you are heading to Copenhagen or are feeling more adventurous, the offline cycle routes app has all of the maps you need built in.

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